V-Zot specializes in the manufacture and
distribution of color-changing products and creative trendsetters.

Most of our products are customizable and are perfect for the retail and corporate gifting markets.

Wine Thermometers

For the wine enthusiast. Color-changing thermometers measure wine temperature in seconds. Simple, portable, and popular- perfect for wineries and wine distributors.

Forehead Thermometers

Read temperature fast and easy. The non-invasive and sanitary lines of disposable color-changing thermometers we supply meet the needs of large institutions. The simple, reusable line fits the bill for moms-on-the-go and globe trotters everywhere.

Child Safety

From bath thermometers to heat warning labels, our child safety products are easy to use, and help moms, dads, and caregivers to create a safe, child-friendly environment. And they are customizable.

Children's Products

Color me fun. We distribute a line of toys and collectable that tickle children of all ages. From color-changing stickers to licensed and merchandised products, our toys bring out the smiles and giggles we all love.